Soar with Norma

My passion to inspire you to live well, through health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle comes from my personal story of rising above a diagnosis and rapidly failing health. We were made to thrive, not merely survive. We were made to soar.

-I invited Norma to be a Speaker at a 200-person conference for women in XX Healthcare before we’d ever had a real conversation. She made a casual comment at a conference we both attended at the Northwestern University school of Journalism, and I could see from the reaction in the room that she could engage and inspire a crowd.
Norma was the closing Speaker-a tough spot-and managed to excite the crowd and bring fresh energy to the room after a long day.  I still hear from attendees that found inspiration in her message about managing stress and well-being.

Libby Lowe, Director Communications Engaged Health Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Norma on an active healthy living activation for flight attendants and pilots.  Norma is knowledgeable, inspiring and patient.  She encouraged all of those she encountered to be their very best by getting their bodies moving.  It is my hope to work with her again and again!  Thanks Norma!

Felicia Wasson, Director Public Affairs & Communications, The Coca-Cola Company