Norma’s Story

NormaMy personal drive for health and wellness fuels my passion to raise the consciousness of individuals to create health and happiness in their lives!  You can’t be happy unless you’re healthy.

Modern-Day Miracle

My health journey is a modern-day miracle.  At 40, I was diagnosed with diminished lung capacity and the early onset of multiple sclerosis.  When I got that diagnosis, something inside of me told me not to accept it.  In fact, it motivated me to make some life-changing decisions.  I began to do lots of research, and I learned that I could restore my health with food and exercise.  Armed with that knowledge, I began to make important lifestyle changes that saved my life.  It was after 50 that I really kicked my focus on health and fitness into gear.

Since then, I’ve earned the title of Professional Athlete as a World Class Stair Climb Champion, averaging 90 to 100 stairs a minute!  I’ve won the famous, Chicago Stair Climb, Hustle up the Hancock three times.

I’m also a tri-athlete and an avid distance cyclist, having participated in several century (100 mile) rides – all after the age of 50! We weren’t just made to live; we were made to thrive! We were made to soar.  My sense of adventure is contagious.  While fear cripples some people, it makes me soar.  It’s taken me on some crazy adventures, from skydiving for my 60th birthday to predator ziplining and black water kayaking.

My Fitness Philosophy

I’ve learned that loving your health is the best way to express love to those around you.  You can’t be the best spouse, employee, friend, lover, athlete or person in general unless you love your health and prioritize it.  I live to share this message with the world in as many different ways as possible.

My Partnerships

Equipped with this knowledge and experience, I provide expert advice about healthy eating and fitness to clients, including Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines.

My Publications

Who said health had to be tasteless? Not me! You can experience the joy of healthy eating in my vegan cookbook, titled, “Norma Can Cook!”.  Along with various recipes not included in the book, Norma Can Cook has appeared on TV segments, radio features and health fairs.  You can also experience my workout secrets in my DVD, The Magic is in the Movement.

Start Soaring with Me

As a nutrition consultant, certified personal trainer, speaker and author, I’m proud of the life I have created. I’d love to share my passion for health with you through corporate speaking  and health engagements, fitness and nutrition training, presentation and planning and travel health education and preparation for organizations.


I’ve appeared on television and radio programs, including The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Let’s Soar!  Let’s love our health!

Norma J. Rixter MS, CN,CPT, CGF, Lifestyle, Fitness and Nutrition Consultant

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