7 Holiday Travel Fitness Tips

Traveling can be especially stressful during the holidays. It’s important to make time for fitness even when you’re on the road.  It will make all the difference in keeping your energy level up and make the long hours of traveling more enjoyable. Here are some quick, easy tips to keep moving in the airport, on the plane and in hotel.

 # 1 Set goals: Working out – whether on the road or at home – requires planning and commitment. Minimize stress by anticipating your needs. If you’re working on a time crunch, fit in 15 minutes of exercise before take-off and make sure to get 15 minutes in once you land.

#2 Stick with Sneakers: If you’re staying at your destination overnight, ask the hotel receptionist if there’s a running path or local park nearby and go for a walk or run. Being outdoors will help you recover from jet lag much quicker.

 #3 Stay hydrated: Cabin air can be very dry, so drink at least 16oz. of liquids before you hop on a plane. Water is the obvious choice but remember all beverages hydrate! Be sure to drink at least 8oz. for every hour you’re on the plane to help avoid dehydration and fatigue.

 #4 Get a Cardio Boost: Try the “Ali Shuffle” – stand up and move feet back and forth alternating until you get into a rhythm. Keep feet low. Begin to pick up the pace then engage the arms and hands as though you were jumping rope. Continue for 2 to 5 minutes, rest, then begin again for 2 more sets.

 #5 Pushup: Hold your head in a neutral position. Stand in front of a counter (at the airport) or dresser (in the hotel) with feet hip-width apart. While standing in front of the counter/dresser, place your hands about shoulder-width apart and lean forward until your chest almost touches the counter/dresser, then push up. Repeat (10 times) for 2 sets.

 #6 Sit & Squat: Work your lower body (glutes, quads and hamstrings) by squatting. Stand in front of a chair and pretend to sit down. As soon as you feel the chair, stand back up. Repeat (10 times) for 3 sets.

#7 Amazing Abs: Lie on your back, cradling your head in your hands. Lift your legs and bring them in and out, alternating at a 45 degree angle slowly. Repeat (10 times) for 3 sets, resting between sets.

What things do you do to keep yourself energized when you travel ?


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