Making the Right Choices

That’s the beauty of living in America…Choices and lots of them! So I’ve got some Information and Tips that might help you make better choices:

If a meal that’s high in saturated fat can impair your arteries within hours, imagine the havoc that the fattiest restaurant meals can cause.

At the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, subjects had their blood vessels tested both before and after eating some of the nation’s highest calorie restaurant dishes. The three-course lunch included a deep-fried macaroni and cheese appetizer from The Cheesecake factory, an Applebee’s bacon cheeseburger wrapped in a quesadilla, and a giant cookie smothered in ice cream from Uno Chicago Grill.

In total: an astounding 6,190 calories and 187 grams of saturated fat. Two hours later, lab tests showed the beating their arteries were taking. One subject’s blood was discolored with fat, another’s endothelial functions was impaired enough that you could hear the difference as sensors picked up his narrowed arteries’ struggle to keep blood flowing.

One meal can affect the health of your arteries. If your arteries are stiff and their lining is impaired, you could be setting the stage for cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline.

Here a few tips to make your arteries more supple:

1. Get regular aerobic exercise…try to get a sweat going!
2. Cut back on sodium and saturated fat…read your lablels
3. Eat a diet that’s packed with fruits and vegetables…I’ve got some quick,crazy delicious recipes in my Cookbooks;

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