4 Tips to Stick With a Healthy Eating Plan!

Most of you know I don’t believe in a diet…I believe in a plan. A plan implies a goal and a goal requires focus. Focus is what keeps us on target and helps us build healthy habits. Our habits are what define our lifestyle. So if you’re wondering why most diets don’t work it’s because they are not designed to help us build new habits. I have 4 tips listed below to help you do just that…build new healthy habits!

#1 Practice Mindful eating…put everything on a plate, eat from a smaller plate, chew your food 20-25 times, sit down, don’t eat on the go and turn off the TV when you’re eating.

#2 Quit the Clean Plate Club! But this might not be a problem since you’re eating from a smaller plate, eating slower and chewing your food longer…

#3 Don’t have “Junk Foods” you enjoy readily available in your house. For example I love Kettle Chips…not like, like love. I know this so I never have Kettle Chips in my house for myself or friends. Because I know that even if I have a taste for them the likelihood that I will leave my house to go and get them is not likely, however; if they are in the house…it’s going down…lol

#4 Eat Before you go! This might be the best tip of the 4! I always eat before I go out. This way if there is something you really enjoy you will eat less of it because you’re not as hungry, or it will make it easier to take a pass on the sweets.

If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your new healthy plan, try doing a detox. There are many benefits to a detox, cutting carvings is one of the most helpful when changing your eating habits.
I have a 5 Day Detox that I have designed that works! It’s what I use and have recommended to friends for years with great results!

What’s the difference with this Detox?
No starving, no hunger pains and amazing results! You will eat a yummy meal daily while restoring your body and eliminating cravings for sugar and carbs!

A Detox focuses on getting the old stuff out so that when you began to eat better your body will be able to absorb and utilize the new healthier choices that you are making.

When you begin to eat healthier and eliminating processed foods but don’t do a detox it’s like putting icing on a mud pie…It’s still a mud pie!

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