Start Soaring

Soar Thru was created with the goal of helping people create sustainable solutions for their lives that address all aspects of living well; including health, fitness, nutrition and overall lifestyle.  I do this by sharing an inspiring philosophy that stresses the integration of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

My personal drive for health and wellness fuels my passion to raise the consciousness of individuals to create health and happiness and in their lives!  You can’t be happy unless you’re healthy.

Corporate Speaking

As both a speaker and an author, I have impacted audiences in the corporate and non-profit world with my life-changing messages. I am an expert at transforming organizations by inspiring individuals to live their life at a higher level of performance and to improve health and well being. I am is a skilled master presenter […]

Fitness & Nutrition

I’m passionate about providing preventative wellness education by helping you understand the benefits of good health and fitness as a lifestyle. I provide clients with safe and effective information to assist them in their choice of health and wellness promotion. It’s My Goal: To motivate you to integrate habits and behaviors of health into your […]

Fit in Flight

Fit in Flight, a program developed for Delta Airlines’ flight crew was sponsored by Coca-Cola and authored by Norma Rixter.  Initially authored as a guide titled, “Health Tips for Travelers,” the guide provides fitness and health tips about nutrition and fitness while you are in the airport, on the plane and in the hotel. This program is […]


Norma‘s genius is in creating urgency in her clients to take an active part in improving every aspect of their health.  She does this not only through imagery and positive affirmations but by being consistent in her words and actions.  Norma is a role model for all of us who want to maintain mental and […]