Exercising with Norma is always productive, enlightening (educational), good for you, and FUN!  Norma is an expert on ALL things that have to do with “using it and not losing it”.  As a client you are exposed to thoughtful exercise choices by Norma and diligent monitoring by her which leave you feeling energized, proud of yourself, and wanting more!  Exercise with Norma focuses on cardio, muscle strength, stretching, balance, agility and relaxation.  You will feel strong, and physically fit for the day and along the way be entertained by Norma’s great sense of humor, awesome musical choices to accompany your routines and a feeling communicated by her to you of how strongly she cares about YOUR overall sense of good health and longevity.  She is passionate about communicating her message of good nutrition, healthy living and exercise!  She is a great mentor on so many levels.

Sally Ahlgren, Personal Training Client